An Adventure At KLCC

Hi Everyone,
        Its been a while.Regarding on the topic,seriously now everyday after work I would stationed myself at the KLCC waiting for my driver and chaffeur to arrived,I'll be wondering around,window shopping at the KLCC.Feasting my eyes on latest trends,fashion,scents and of course some hot boys XD.        Today perhaps one of the most fun day.I checked out some new products i saw in the magazines.First, the new Body Shop BB Cream All In One.

The fluid was actually white in colour but once blended onto your skin,it turns into your shade of skin.Neat huh?It also smell so heavenly.Very earthly calming.One of the promoter said first you must apply this All In One BB Cream.Then conceal all the flaws if its still visible after applying BB Cream with the stick concealer and lastly dab the powder onto your face.I was only testing it for a while,not for the long run since my face was already dolled up with make up.Perhaps you guys had tried this?Tell me all about it!
       Afterwards I went to the MAC Booth.I am a MAC user so m just checking out what new.They have this new line called Studio Fix Mac Make Up Line.
I sat at the chair,asking what is the perfect shade for my skin.One of the make up artiste attended me.Her name was Vivian.She put on my skin some Mac Studio Fix foundation shade NC42.I had my make up on and yet I can see the differences between the make up I was wearing (Maybelline BB Cream) and Mac.TOTAL DIFFERENT!The shade was ok but I had Mac Foundation NC15 which is so much lighter.M not dark.M just brightly,naturally tanned.Kinda confusing there but maybe because my face in Maybelline BB Cream make up in Natural.Planning on restocking my MAC later.Next to the Mac Booth was Habib Jewels.I check that out too.But nothing catches my eyes.Perhaps the designs were not that extraordinary as it were before.Went into Isetan and i checked out my favourite line of handbags.Carlo Rino and Kipling Plus Guess Shoes!Every thing I saw I squeked in joy.Hahaha!The new collections was absolutely marvelous!
Those are the one i checked out.Arent you screaming with JOY? XD

And ya, I also did checked out the new Estee Lauder fragrance Very Estee.It was so yummyyyy!Just like any other Estee Lauder perfume.Absolute Divine!
Try it!

And last but not least, I checked out the new lip brightener by Shizens called Lip Painter.It tasted yummy on my lips and promised in brightening my dark lips.Ok.Cool!I'll get one later :D

*All pictures sources from Google XD



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