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Young Tod: Copper, you're my best friend. Young Copper: And you're mine too, Tod. Young Tod: And we'll always be friends forever. Won't we? Young Copper: Yeah, forever. - Fox And The Hound

Y trust us whn we say there is nothing that d Ford Ranger can’t take on? Bcuz we will take on anything u throw at us at d #FordRangerChallenge

Perlukah Anda Seorang Guru Mengherdik Dan Menghina Saya Sebagai Seorang Pelajar Apabila Saya Salah?Ibu Bapa Saya,Rakan-Rakan Saya Serta Guru Sekolah Dan Lecturers Tak Pernah Herdik Hina Saya.Anda Siapa Saja Yang Ada Hak Ke Atas Saya Untuk BerBuat Demikian?

Everybody's Convo-ing(Is That In The Dictionary? :D).I'll Be Soon!Yeay!8th June 2012!

My Dream Would'nt Be Complete Without You In It - Princess And The Frog


Anonymous Numbers & Messages Are So ANNOYING! So What M Answering The Handphone Conversing In English?!I DONT EVEN KNOW U!Why In The Hell U Were Calling Me & Smsing Me In The 1st Place Huh?!

M Not Insecure.M Being Cautious.I've Been Broken By The One I Trusted The Most,The Closest To My Heart & Soul.Have I Change?Yes.He Made Me.

Convocation 9th June!M Ready! :D

Mane Surat Konvo Aku??Aku Dah Keja Dengan Diploma Yang Ade.Konvo Je Belum.I Want My Rights To Konvo!

Movie Adaptasi Novel Kau Untukku Oleh Aisya Sofea.Novel Pertama Yang Aku Baca Masa Sekolah Rendah.Kenangan~~.Sekarang No Novel Anymore.Semua Fiksyen!

When U Are Nothing,U Just Dont Matter.Nobody Cares.

Career And Studies Side By Side.Being A Dignified Woman Of Quality.

Kenapa Aku Masih Bernafas?

#WhatHurtsTheMost Is Being Hurt By Your Bestest Best Friend Who You Breathe & Live For Like Forever.

I Hate All My Favourite Songs Now As I Used To Sing Those Songs To You, For You & With You.

For The Last 10 Years,We Were Always Each Other's Everything.But Now I Know Those "Everything" Actually Mean "Nothing" At All To You.