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When Ice Skaters Talk About Their Shoes,They're So Proud Of It Because With That Particular Shoes,WE Defy Gravity And Physics Even Though Some Of Us Failed Physics In SPM XD

10 Facts About My Ex

Conversation In My Head Dgn Abg Serabut....

Conversation In My Head Dgn Abg Chomel Berkereta Mewah..

Now U're Gone,I Dont Actually Feel Anything.U R Just Doing What U R Great At.Being Discreet&Avoiding Things U Should nt Have.

I Miss Ur Scent When We Lean Onto Each Other.We Can Even Listen To Our Heart Beat&Breathe Each Other.But What's The Point?U're Not Even Here Anymore.

I Never Did Gave Up.You Did.

Pantang Jumpe Kucing & Kucing Pun Pantang Jumpe Saya.Sebab Yg Gebu2 Terutama Persian Sume Kena Peluk & Kucing Dalam Hati Dia Berkata "Sudahlah Weh! Aku Lemas!" XD

I Wanna Walk On A Beach,Engulfing In The Feeling Of Peaceful Mind.Relax Under The Shady Tree With Chalet Nearby.All Kinds Of Seafood Are Serve.Indulge Into The Taste Of Simplicity.Gosh!I NEED A VACATION!

Skate All Day And Night At RM7 On Weekdays & RM12 On Weekends At Sunway Pyramid!