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Had Crazy Fun Archering,Bowling&Watching Movies Today.Too Bad The Ice Skating Rink Was Closed.That Would Be The Peak Of Our Day Complete With Endless Arguments XD

Transformers 3 : Dark Of The Moon Was Freakishly,Insanely,Awesomely AWESOME!Just Got Back From Pavillion KL.Tq So Much Nogy Mustafa XD

Student MMU Melaka Meh Intai2

Some People Have Low IQs & Thinks They're Great Enough To Top With The Best.Wht Do We Call That In Malay? " Bowdowh ShowmBunk" XD

U'll Get What U Wish For If U Never Stop Praying & Be Patient.Great Things Do Come To Those Who Wait :D

Mesti Kerja Untuk Hidup

Cupcake Chic Fatal Attraction

Churp Churp The Cutest Thing Contest! Saya Cute!

Kehilangan Sesuatu Yang Pernah Menjadi Sebahagian Daripada Diri

Konsert Kemuncak Akhir Mentor 5 : SALMA & DATUK SHARIFAH AINI