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M Just A Shadow.Everybody Can See Me But Nobody Knows What I Am.

Its The Best Thing In The World To Have Someone U Can Talk To Like A Best Friend,Love U Like A Lover&Treat U Like A Wife :D

Being With Someone Who Make U Feel Perfect Is Perfect.Not Looking For Someone Perfect And Then Feeling Perfect :)

A Kiss Changes Everything :)

I Can Make Cheap Clothes Look Sexy&Classy.With The Expensive Ones,Classier.That's A Lady Distinctive,Unique Superiority.U Can Buy Fashion,But You Cant Buy Class.

New Fave Song : I Love U For A Thousand Years by Crhristina Perri.I Feel Like A Vampire That Had Been Living Forever :D

Clenching my fist,grinding my teeth,holding in my heart from bursting,choking up in melancholy. What a life.


Living My Life Under Wrap.Have Pro And Cons.Seriously I Dont Give A DAMN Of Its Rightfulness.All That I CARE About That My Love Is Still Number 1 And On TOP :D

Missing My Best Friend So Bad.