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Don’t know where to go for dinner tonight? Drop by at and search over 12,000 restaurants! #MakanNShare

M Not Gonna Change Who I Am.M Just Gonna Change Some Part Of Me To Better.

The Worst Feeling In The World : Hurting My Bestest Friend By Accident,Subconsciously&On Purpose :'(

Life Is Not A Fairy Tale.Even For A Princess,Literally,Like Me.

Kepercayaan tanpa rasional = Buta. Rasional tanpa kepercayaan = Kontang. - MatLutfi,Vlogger Terkenal

Today Is One Of The Loneliest Day Of My Life.

If anyone seen or know where is Andrew Baka please contact Doreen Lim in sunway pyramid ice skate shop !! Got Parents looking for his Girl Friend !!

U Dont Plan An Adventure.U Just Go With It :D

I Cant Help Myself But Cry Every Time I Watch Titanic Movie=_=

Di Kaki Gunung Kinabalu.Sejuk Giler!!!Aku Dah Macam Winter Sonata Berbungkus Mcm Hantu Pocong XD

My Heart Had Been Trampled On,Crushed To Pieces,Played On&So Many Things U Cant Imagine But Still It Works Because U Know Why?Ongoing Faith&Positivity.It Still Hurts Thou.

Best Friend