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‎2012.A Life Transition From A Girl To A Woman.From A Student To A Career Woman.Career&Study In Parallel.The Bestest Best Friend To The Most Awesome Best Friend.

Dont Be Afraid Of Losing Me Just Because U Did Something Wrong That Would Make Me Walk Away.I Wont&We'll Work It Out.I Wont Leave Unless U Dont Want Me Anymore:'(

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No Matter How Hard Things May Get,I'll Always Be That Girl Who Stays To Make You Feel Ok.


Filem yg ditunggu2 Bulan ini....

A Good Job Is Hard To Find.A Good Man Is Almost Impossible - Anonymous

Great Diamonds Are Hard To Find.


kertas warna

I Feel Stupid Just By Looking At One.

Patience Made Me Strong But I Know Those Walls Will Be Broken Down By Tears One Day Because Some How You Just Had Enough.

I'm a struggling blogger :( But I'm gonna get more online exposure with #MyWebMatrix :D

Working & Furthering My Degree Study Part Time.A Woman Of Vision.Me.

I Just Could'nt Comprehend How Does Someone Be In Love With Someone Else After A Brief Broken Relationship With Another?

“Whatever someone did to you in the past has no power over the present.” - Oprah

Sexy Is Personality.Not Your Skimpy Outfit.

Hati Oh Hati

Awkward moment is whn, u've got fuzz underarms & u've got to raise ur hands. #ModelSlimz #MilkADeal

Kenapa Semua Artis Nak Bertudung Sekarang?Just Because Dah Nak 2012 Dan Percaya Akan Kiamat Yang Diramal Itukah?

Bermulalah Kehidupan Berkarier Mulai Isnin Depan Ke Puncak Yang Tertinggi Dalam Bidang Pemasaran(Marketing)&Perbankkan(Financial):D

Saya Sudah Dapat Kerja!!! XD


Saya Dapat Tiket Wayang Daripada Nuffnang dan TGV Cinema!!

Buffered Earning Raya Nuffnang

If Being Myself Gets Me Labeled As DIVA,So Be It.

Women, do we love our handbags don't we? Take care of them. Chck out #Atelier on #MilkADeal .

Dont Update Your Status UNLESS You Got Something Clever To Share.

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Histeria Puasa

WAW (1): Tijah ada DATE?!

We Never Knew We Have A Heart Until We're Hurt Or Simply Have A Heart Attack XD


M Head Over Heels Smiling Because I've Made Someone The Happiest Person On Earth :D

Manusia Yang Dilaknat Allah.Apakah Dia Ini Dajjal Di Blog?

Tears Dont Fall But My Heart Does&It Breaks Into Dust.

With Prayers&Effort,I've Found My Sanctuary&Grateful For Every Single Thing That Happen To Me :)

Cinta Yang Aku Kejar Dunia Dan Akhirat

Kelas Photography Bergerak Click Pics

I Am Feeling The Burning Torment In My Chest As I Collapse To The Ground Asphyxiate In The Ashes Of Lost Souls Which Mine Has Spirited Away.