10 Facts About My Ex

 He Loves Yellow

 He Loves Food

 He's Very

 Sensitive&Keep All Probs To Himself

 He Loves The Teddy

 Bear I Gave Him

 He Loves Cute Girls 

More Than Me.

 Being Discreet Is His


 He Should Have Been 

Honest With Me Since The Beginning.So It 

Wont Hurt Us So Much Which He Did Now.

 We Used To Talk For

 Hours,Sms The Whole Time&Tell Each

 Other Everything.I WAS His Everything

 We Share 

EVERYTHING.&Nobody Has Ever Come 

Close To What We Had
#10FactsAboutYourEx But He Never Did See 

ANYTHING Special In Me.M Just Another Girl 

That He Can Come Back&Run To Only 

Whenever He Needs Me


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