dilema cinta

m tormented between the two..one is the whom i've love so much n been loving him like forever..but m not sure about our relationship..we R like bf n gf but HE is the dat still cnt decide between me n the other girl...it sickens me for 5 years now n still ON GOING.
he's been around me,evry single time when i need him without fail.he said he loves me n it'll b a terrible lost if i wasnt there for him too for all these years.
The other one,i HATE him but still i LIKE him SO VERY MUCH..i dun understand him but i want too..i dun understand my feelings..is it LOVE?or just a untolerable desire of wanting him??..he's been annoying me n even helped me..we've been joking around,argueing and still manAged to be frens..quite a good frens though..he never did speaks to me before..just after an event,he keep asking me questions n n ya,show great interest in me,n the way he's acting,smiling..he seems like he likes me too..ACTIONS DO SPEAK LouDER THAN WORDS but myb m just wrong..people told me to follow MY HEART..but i cnt decide bcos my heart r split into two..its with these both guys..
I REALLY LOVE HIM and I LIKE HIM SO MUCH!!..what a thin line between FRIENDSHIP and RELATIONSHIP..but i dunno..i really dont knw....I HATE GETTING HURT!


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