my past that i've lived still haunting me..

everything starts with a beginning..a sad and even a happy ones..for starters,the memories i cant forget which still taunting and haunting me is the lost of my beloved baby brother when i was 9 years old and he was six..its quite tragic since i've been with him for six years of fun and love of being together..he somehow got sick,paralysed from head to toe..and my father was fired from his job and that was when my family and i started living so poorly..we moved to kuala selangor,rent a small house..n my dad stared working as sub contractor which means by contract mm was a teacher bt she qit the job to look after my brothers and i schooled at at this rural school which has small numbers of students..lifes goes on so simply and yet we were happy as there's nothing wrong..then came that unfaithful,tormenting day..i woke in the morning and found my beloved brother at the centre of the house with many people world was dark as heart broken to pieces..i cant take more pain in my pain..but i must stand strong..until now..m being sensitive..bcos of this event have happened to my life..and it changed my life forever


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