Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Rebetter Lady Shaver

• Designed exclusively for feminine touch
• Remove unwanted hair quickly and painlessly
• Petite and portable: 4.5cm (L)*2cm(W)*8cm(H)
• Fit into your palm
• No pain, no irritation, no razor bumps
• Safe for use for all skin types
• Great for travel or home

Shave off the unwanted hair of armpit, legs and elbow had become a gesture of politeness in our modern society. But not necessarily, we offer you the alternative to enjoy the similar outcome but with mush less investment through Rebetter Lady Shaver.

It can leave your skin clean and hygiene within shorter time frame compare with traditional manual shaver. The shaver head can glides over every contour of the body and leaving your skin feel smooth as the baby

Rebetter Lady Shaver

RM20.00 MIN 6 PCS

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