Tuesday, October 30, 2012

When Ice Skaters Talk About Their Shoes,They're So Proud Of It Because With That Particular Shoes,WE Defy Gravity And Physics Even Though Some Of Us Failed Physics In SPM XD

Monday, October 22, 2012

10 Facts About My Ex

 He Loves Yellow

 He Loves Food

 He's Very

 Sensitive&Keep All Probs To Himself

 He Loves The Teddy

 Bear I Gave Him

 He Loves Cute Girls 

More Than Me.

 Being Discreet Is His


 He Should Have Been 

Honest With Me Since The Beginning.So It 

Wont Hurt Us So Much Which He Did Now.

 We Used To Talk For

 Hours,Sms The Whole Time&Tell Each

 Other Everything.I WAS His Everything

 We Share 

EVERYTHING.&Nobody Has Ever Come 

Close To What We Had
#10FactsAboutYourEx But He Never Did See 

ANYTHING Special In Me.M Just Another Girl 

That He Can Come Back&Run To Only 

Whenever He Needs Me

Conversation In My Head Dgn Abg Serabut....

Tina : Abg,Sy Nak Abg Je.Tak Kisahlah Abg Bwk Motor & Rambut Abg Berserabut.
Abg Serabut : Tp Syg,Abg Bwk Motor Je Hari2 G Keja.Nak Ke Syg Berhujan Berpanas Dgn Abg?Syg kn Manja.Mane Boleh Syg Bersusah Dgn Abg.U R Special.
Tina : Takpelah Abg Asalkan Dgn Abg.Lgpun Kn Tmpt Keja Kite Ni Susah Parking.Ok Ape?Jimat Pun Jimat.Lgpun Sy Ada Kereta.Abg Nk Pakai Bile2 Mase Pun Boleh.
Abg Serabut : Terharu Abg Dgr.Tp Lg Serabut Kepala Abg Sbb Lelaki Yg Ptt Bg Segalanya.
Tina :.Takpelah Abg.Sy Redha.
Abg Serabut :...........(Serabut)

Ececececeh XD

Conversation In My Head Dgn Abg Chomel Berkereta Mewah..

Tina : Abg,Sy Nk Kereta Abg Je,Abg Sy 
Abg Chomel : Knp Pulak?Buy 1 Free 1 One 
La,U Get Me&The Car.
Tina : Buat Apa Sy Kawen Dgn Abg?Sy Nk 
Abg Pimpin Sy Tp Solat Jumaat Pun Abg Tak 
Pegi.Sy Pun Bknla Sempurna Tp At Least U R
 Dat Someone I Can Respect.Tkpela 
Abg.Sbnrnye Sy Pun Boleh Je Beli 
Abg Chomel :………..(Sentap)


Friday, October 12, 2012

Now U're Gone,I Dont Actually Feel Anything.U R Just Doing What U R Great At.Being Discreet&Avoiding Things U Should nt Have.

I Miss Ur Scent When We Lean Onto Each Other.We Can Even Listen To Our Heart Beat&Breathe Each Other.But What's The Point?U're Not Even Here Anymore.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ice Skating In Baju Kurung XD



Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I Never Did Gave Up.You Did.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pantang Jumpe Kucing & Kucing Pun Pantang Jumpe Saya.Sebab Yg Gebu2 Terutama Persian Sume Kena Peluk & Kucing Dalam Hati Dia Berkata "Sudahlah Weh! Aku Lemas!" XD

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I Wanna Walk On A Beach,Engulfing In The Feeling Of Peaceful Mind.Relax Under The Shady Tree With Chalet Nearby.All Kinds Of Seafood Are Serve.Indulge Into The Taste Of Simplicity.Gosh!I NEED A VACATION!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Skate All Day And Night At RM7 On Weekdays & RM12 On Weekends At Sunway Pyramid!



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