Thursday, September 17, 2009

dilema cinta

m tormented between the is the whom i've love so much n been loving him like forever..but m not sure about our relationship..we R like bf n gf but HE is the dat still cnt decide between me n the other sickens me for 5 years now n still ON GOING.
he's been around me,evry single time when i need him without fail.he said he loves me n it'll b a terrible lost if i wasnt there for him too for all these years.
The other one,i HATE him but still i LIKE him SO VERY MUCH..i dun understand him but i want too..i dun understand my it LOVE?or just a untolerable desire of wanting him??..he's been annoying me n even helped me..we've been joking around,argueing and still manAged to be frens..quite a good frens though..he never did speaks to me before..just after an event,he keep asking me questions n n ya,show great interest in me,n the way he's acting,smiling..he seems like he likes me too..ACTIONS DO SPEAK LouDER THAN WORDS but myb m just wrong..people told me to follow MY HEART..but i cnt decide bcos my heart r split into two..its with these both guys..
I REALLY LOVE HIM and I LIKE HIM SO MUCH!!..what a thin line between FRIENDSHIP and RELATIONSHIP..but i dunno..i really dont knw....I HATE GETTING HURT!

Monday, September 7, 2009


kita sanggup buat apa sahaja demi cinta walaupun tanpa pembalasan yang sepatutnya dan walaupun hakikatnya tidak berbaloi langsung..biarlah sebegini untuk selamanya asal aku dekat padamu

TP AKU menggatal gak ngn org aku ske sgt kt ko..huahua!!seronok usik ko..penghibur hati ku^_^


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